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If you are determined to buy a new car, you should know that you have two options: Buy zero kilometers or a pre-owned one. For many, the option of used car sale in Dhaka Bangladesh is the most attractive because it allows them to find a good deal at a lower price. It is undeniable the advantages that arise when looking for a used car. Hiroshi Bangladesh Ltd. provides used cars and reconditioned cars at a very competitive price.

Why choose Hiroshi Bangladesh Ltd.for – Used Car sale in Dhaka Bangladesh?

  • The Reason behind this is many but for your better knowledge, few are mentioned Here-

  • We provide your Dream car at a very competitive price

  • No Change in Car Parts or in accessories or in equipment

  • You will get what you have ordered for

  • You will get cars without any tempering

  • We provide cars on loan

  • You can choose cars directly from auction

  • We company Buyers purchase cars directly from auction according to your choice

  • No hassle will be faced by our customers till getting the cars at their doorstep.


Access thousands of used cars from Japan

Hundreds of exporters of used car sale in Dhaka Bangladesh trust us and we have an unparalleled catalog of vehicles at a competitive price. We will take care of all the paperwork for you, we will make sure that your payment is safe and that you get what you paid for in perfect conditions.


Secure payment. Zero hidden cost. Maximum tranquility

Hiroshi Bangladesh Ltd. works for you – the buyer, not the seller. We only make the payment to the seller after having sent the car. And we work very hard to make sure we send your car quickly and safely. In the unlikely event that the car was not shipped, we will obviously refund 100% of the amount.


Wide range of models, prices, and mileage

Hiroshi Bangladesh Ltd. has one of the largest collections of used car sale in Dhaka Bangladesh that can be found on the Internet. We are vehemently expanding our product catalog to make it grow faster and faster, every day. All at a competitive price than others car. You can go to the listing page or to our Catalog of cars and see it for yourself.


A team that does local business

At Hiroshi Bangladesh Ltd, we are very proud of our team. We live in different time zones and we speak different languages. You will never have any problem communicating with us – there will always be someone who speaks your language. And even that we live near you!


The objective of used car sale in Dhaka Bangladesh is “Enrich lives” by connecting people and facilitating transactions. We believe that we can really enrich lives by listening to clients, being constructive and constantly updating what we do.

Hiroshi Bangladesh Ltd. works to create the necessary tools to provide a better life to people in need. We have dedicated ourselves to creating a global ecosystem to trade automobiles. In the ecosystem, everyone from Bangladesh can buy and import the desired products from Japan along with minimal risk and at affordable prices. We believe that this trading ecosystem will provide the necessary tools to improve and enrich the lives of the Bangladeshi people who need it.

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