Toyota Noha 2014 Hybrid

Finished Price
3,672,500 Yen
( about 0 Tk. )
Price Owner
Auction Period
1495109700 ~ 1526601600
  • Seles Type: auction

Details of car LOTNO#7198 Noha Hybrid Year- 2014 Model- ZWR80G Grade-4.5 CC-1800cc Odometer-39000 Km. Auction will be held on 17th May in Japan. You can bid!! Estimated Auction Bidding price ¥1667000 Estimated total cost: Taka= 2800000/-~Taka= 2825000/-This car is in very low millage delivered with a remote system key. Its auction survey score is 4.5 which certified that it is absolutely in good condition