Online/Grading vs Showroom - a Great Support to Buy a Car

Online/Grading vs Showroom – a Great Support to Buy a Car

Online/Grading vs Showroom – a Great Support to Buy a Car

There is nothing more satisfying than getting a set of wheels. And it has thousands of excuses to come in your mind. Buying a car has never been a simple decision as it is considered the second biggest purchase after buying your house. As you know that once the deal of buying a car is done, it is something that cannot be easily undone. So, it’s better for you to make sure the best way to buy a car. If you are going to buy a car for the very first time it may take you hours poring over the different models, dealers, or even colors of the vehicle. Nowadays you have plenty of well-justified ways about the traditional car-buying process. After determining your budget, you may buy your car both from online and showroom. When you are ready to buy your car from any of these options you should keep in mind about the grading system of the car.


While considering buying a car it’s better to know that gathering knowledge is power. Purchasing a car from online is a good option to consider. It is more convenient than visiting multiple dealerships. It will help you to get rid of the hassle of dealing with an annoying car salesman. Many large dealerships are seen to put up their vehicles for online sale. Apart from this, you may end it with a much better price as a salesman in the showroom always tries to beat the highest possible price. He does it as he gets a percentage of his sale. But if you are interested in bargaining for your car price, showroom may be the best option for you. In doing bargaining what you may need is to have a very good knowledge of recent resale prices for that specific car model. This knowledge can be a great tool for you. But the problem is that a car dealership or showroom the price of the car may be inflated and it can be a great confusing which may leave you an exhausted feeling. It’s not something new that you may have to face a tag price, invoice price, sales price or internet price which may not qualify for your car. So, the choice for you hasn’t been smooth either.

You might be wondered to know that there are a lot of new vehicles that are not actually virgins anymore when handed over to customers. These cars have been driven up and down the ships, from port to warehouse, from warehouse to showroom, from showroom to workshop, from workshop to agent before handing over to you. This is why you should have a proper knowledge of car grading. Grading is something that gives you the overall idea of the car so that you can select a perfect car that you are actually looking for. This grading system also helps you by giving other necessary information regarding the interior and exterior condition of the car. Grading is usually divided in two types.

The overall grade is determined based on mechanical condition and the exterior condition while the interior grade is determined by the interior condition. There are about 13 grading criteria to assess the car condition. These are S, 6, 5, 4.5, 4, 3.5, 3,2,1, R, RA, R1, RA1.

Grade S:
The cars which were registered in the last year is s grade and considered as a new one.
Grade 6:
The vehicles that have been driven less than 30,000 KM. For these cars, there is no need of any repairs.
Grade 5:
5 grades cars are driven less than 60,000 KM that don’t need any repair.
Grade 4.5:
For the cars of this grade, repairs are not mandatory. The car is considered as a good one.
Grade 4:
These cars might need some repair and maintenance but the overall it can be considered as a well- maintained vehicle.
Grade 3.5:
These are high mileage cars and they need repairs. The defects might be the wave, rust, dent or slight scratch.
Grade 3:
Though the condition of this car is not bad it is high mileage and it seriously requires repairs.
Grade 2:
This is highly considered as bad cars and they need a lot of repairs.
Exterior and Interior Grading

Some of the auctions use the letter to denote the exterior and interior grade separately. A is excellent, B average and C below average.
The car that is less than 1 year from its first registration date and under 10,000 km is considered as a good one.
The car with 6 grade that is less than 3 years old from its first registration date is a very late model.
5 The car is under 50,000km.
Cars with 5 grades may have some problem of scratches and dents on the exterior.
The cars under the rate of 4.5 are in a very good condition in which you can trust.
4 The car is under 150,000km

The exterior may have some scrapes and dents. The car is in above average condition. The interior may have some tears, cigarette burn marks, and/or stains. They will require some minor repair. The auction sheet will tell us in more detail.

3.5 The exterior has some large scratches, scrapes large dents. They may need some minor panel beating work and painting.

Finally, the most important fact is that buying a car from online you don’t have the chance to be deceived in car grading while for showroom there is a huge chance for you. So, be well-prepared to get the best deal possible on a new or used car.


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