Maintaining Procedure for a Brand New, Reconditioned and Used Car

Maintaining Procedure for a Brand New, Reconditioned and Used Car

Maintaining Procedure for a Brand New, Reconditioned and Used Car

If everything on the screen were true, then keeping a car running great, looking good, and lasting a long time would be the painless thing ever but this is not the case. By taking care of your car you can easily make the difference and be a proud owner of a good looking, long lasting, reliable engine, and saying goodbye to a rusty, faded-paint wreck that fell apart or broke down long before it was designed to.

Maintaining your car in a proper way is the most important task after buying a car. With the proper maintaining, you can keep your car fit well and enjoy all the benefits that you derive from it. Here are the tips that you may follow for your cars whether it is a new, reconditioned or even a used car to keep them in a good condition.

Car Inspection
It goes without saying that inspection of a car is very crucial. For a greater performance of your car you need to know the procedure of car inspection. In doing so, you can take help from your user manual.

Engine and oil
To keep your car engine long last and faster you need to check and change the oil more frequently. Conversely, it will destroy the engine of your car faster than before the time you expect.


Engine Coolant
It is better to flush the cooling system and change the coolant once a year. To keep the cooling system in good shape and prevent corrosion a 50/50 mix of coolant and distilled water is a good combination.

Check tire pressure
Maintaining proper tire pressure of your car is something very important about which you should always keep your eye. Tires with the correct pressure have a longer life and increase your fuel efficiency. That is why you should keep the vehicle’s recommended tire pressure. At the same time, you should know that tire pressure constantly changes as the tire log miles and temperature fluctuates.

Lubricate Your Parts with Oil
For the performance of your car, motor oil is needed. It is important to lubricate all your moving parts in your engine so they don’t grind and tear themselves into dysfunction.

Check the Battery
To check the battery before driving is a good job. You should inspect the terminals and cables of the battery and make sure they are securely attached with no corrosion.

Keep Your Car Clean
Keeping your car clean is another important job besides performing the regular maintenance of your vehicle.

Don’t Use Your Car as a Garbage Can
Inside your car is not a garbage can. Always try to get the habit of regularly cleaning out your car so it doesn’t look like a dump.

Change Air Filter
For the benefit of your car, you need to change the air filter every 12,000 miles. With the changing, your car’s air filter will increase fuel efficiency, prolong your engine’s life and reduce tail emissions.

Clean windshield
A dirty and fuzzy windshield is a safety hazard, as it obstacles your view of the road. That is why give it a regular cleaning which helps you to drive more safely.

Clean the Brake Dust Off Your Wheels
You may not know that iron accounts for about 92% of the dust. Though the brake dust doesn’t affect the full functioning of the brake system, it causes some other problems with the car.
Do not race your car’s engine during start-up
If you wish to use your car for a quite long time it’s better not to race during the start-up of your engine car.

Adhere to the maintenance and servicing schedules
For a greater lifespan of your car regular maintenance is a must. One of the main reasons for facing a lot of car problems is not to adhere to the maintenance or service of the car.
So, these are tips that you can surely follow for maintaining your car in a proper way. It will surely help you to drive your car for a long life. At the same time, it will also help you to save your money in the long run and improve your safety.


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