Honda Grace- the Best Budget Car of the Year

Honda Grace- the Best Budget Car of the Year

Buying a car is like jumping into a lake. Without some thoughts and calculations into what you might encounter, you could be in too deep before you know it.
In purchasing a car your budget may be be the greatest concern for you as it might be one of the biggest purchases of your life. So, this is a matter of great consideration to think about how much the vehicle is going to cost you in the later on. Depending on your budget you have to make a decision whether you should buy a new or a used car which you can afford. Honda Grace is a car which you can surely consider the best budget car for you.
If you have the following questions in your mind then Honda Grace is surely meet your demands. Wouldn’t you wish to buy one of the most reliable cars? Don’t you wish one of the safest cars on the road?

Honda Grace Hybrid 2017

Honda Grace Hybrid 2017 is an advanced medium 5-seated sedan car which is also known as Honda City. The thing is that Honda Grace has been upgraded with more advanced innovative technology system and now it appears to us with its high quality and high functionality that has made the car more prevalent and important than any other car like Toyota Premio, Toyota Axio, Toyota Carina, Nissan Sunny ex Saloon in the automobile industry. In regarding the cost, it is an excellent fuel economy car. You can get a brand-new Honda Grace Hybrid 2017 in tk. 19,50000 which seems quite reasonable in comparison with its features and specs. The following are the features of Honda Grace.

Features and Specifications of Honda Grace Hybrid 2017

Honda Grace is assembled with Honda’s Sports Hybrid system which will make you enable to start in EV mode. Another important feature of this sedan car is that it is a fuel-efficient car. If you are looking for a car which is highly responsive and dynamic driving performance, Honda Grace hybrid is the right one for you. This is Honda Grace that offers you a 4WD version which is not available in all other cars in the market. Apart from this, it has an auto transmission and 16 in alloy wheels.

The engine of the Honda Grace Hybrid 2017

The engine quality of the car is outstandingly good as it has 1496cc with 4-cylinder In-line DOHC. Its engine power is 130 hp L15b at 6600 rev/ min and it has highest torque 155 NM at 4600 revs per min. It is equipped with a 7-speed transmission system. It has both front and rear Macpherson type suspension which will surely give you a great comfort in driving.

Performance and Mileage of the Honda Grace Hybrid

Performance and mileage of the car is something that you should give a consideration. Its mileage is of 34.4 to 37 per LTR which is really more impressive than any other car. It also has a 381- horsepower V8 engine that keeps its power for a longer time.

Safety Features of the Honda Grace Hybrid

Safety is the thing that you should give the highest preference than anything else in your life and so in driving a car. The car has so many safety features. Stability control is such a safety feature which provides you with a great safety. One of its cool features of this car is it has an automatic climate control system. Among the safety equipment, there are six airbags, LED lights, automatic braking and so on.

Interior and Exterior of Honda Grace Hybrid

Honda Grace Hybrid has a sporty look both in interior and exterior of the car. Inside the car, there is a plenty of space which can give you an extra comfort. The exterior look of the car is surely drawn anyone’s attention.

Colors of Honda Grace Hybrid

You will be happy to know that your favorite Honda Grace Hybrid is available on six variant colors- Luna Silver Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, White Orchid Pearl, Premium Crystal Red Metallic, Luse Black Metallic and Midnight Blue Beam Metallic.

So, Honda Grace Hybrid 2017 is definitely one of the best cars on the planet in terms of its performance, mileage, safety features, look or even its price.

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