President’s Message

Everyone seizes the world business cars industry from Hope to Reality

We are promised to provide Automobiles without any dent or change and in a very competitive price than usual. Our customers will get what they have asked for without any customs hassles. We also give facilities of bank loan for buying car from us to solve any financial issues.

We are standing strongly with pride in Automobile business based on our honestly and commitment to ourselves for serving our clients and to keep grouping our business smoothly.

Hiroshi Bangladesh Ltd. was established in October, 2017. Now, our company has started as much as possible from exporter Used Car business global car dealers to a variety of sales network.

Up to now, without being bound through the internet to the sales style under the concept “Closer to you”, we will continue to expand each market rooted strategy on a global scale.
We are convinced that this is the best way to become a company that can satisfy all stakeholders, responding constantly to the wave of industry transformation, the maturity of the market, constantly looking towards the future and going forward.

From now on, with the slogan Close to you we will continue to stick to the quality of the products and the services so that we can send out even to one customer as well as to many customers a wonderful life car all around the world.