Buying Car through Bidding or Auction | BMW Car Price in Bangladesh | Hiroshi Bangladesh Ltd.

Buying Car through Bidding or Auction | BMW Car Price in Bangladesh | Hiroshi Bangladesh Ltd.

Buying Car through Bidding or Auction | BMW Car Price in Bangladesh | Hiroshi Bangladesh Ltd.

When we hear car/auto bidding or auction, we assume that it is very risky and only for the pros, not for us – the common folks. So it’s very much obvious of knowing BMW car price in Bangladesh if we want to buy BMW car

from Hiroshi Bangladesh Ltd though it’s pretty understandable that car biddings and auctions are not very popular in Bangladesh…well, not yet. But thanks to Hiroshi Bangladesh Ltd.- bids for the customer in Japan through online biddings and auctions, the shoppers’ perspective about buying a car from a car bidding or auction is getting recognized as a convenient and handy way, especially used cars. With a little research and careful preparation, you can buy a solid used car at much cheaper price than any other source and can also reduce the risks related to a car bidding or auction.

There are two major categories of car auction/bidding that is available to the public: government car auctions and public car auctions.


Auction – Car price in Bangladesh

Government car auctions

A government auction includes vehicles such as buses, police cars, trucks and more. Through these auctions government also sells impound cars which have been confiscated because of traffic violations and crime. A downside of a government auction is that it can be brutal as you will face competition from expert car dealers, brokers, exporters and others whom are very knowledgeable about the mechanics and value of a car. So, you need to be very, I mean, very careful and you need to have a very sharp, suspicious and trained eye to buy car from these auctions.

Public car auctions

Cars at public auctions are usually repossessed cars, reconditioned cars, flood or hurricane cars, bottom-of-the-barrel trade-ins. Sometimes they also sell high-end sports cars and SUVs. Many cars at these auctions can be of poor quality and unreliable but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a good car from these auctions. But as car auctions/biddings are getting more and more popular, the competition is getting more fierce. So you need to be well prepared and do your homework so that you won’t buy a total junk or overbid and pay more than its market price.


Auction – Car price in Bangladesh

To help you, these are some helpful tips to follow-

Prepare yourself before auction

You need to know what kind of car you want to buy from the car biddings or auctions before you participate in the auction and bidding. Make yourself knowledgeable about the car’s price range, features, and mileage. Check out similar models and their prices, features, and mileage.

Bring someone who knows about cars

If you don’t know much about the mechanics of cars, then try to make yourself knowledgeable. But it’s not going to be easy. So as a safe bet, take someone who knows about cars with you to the auction. In that way, you will be able to choose a better car than you would have chosen otherwise.


Auction – Car price in Bangladesh

Leave money for repairs

In spite of having knowledge about BMW car price in Bangladesh, prepare your budget carefully. Don’t put all your money for only the car buying purpose. Set some money aside for repairs. Why?
You do understand that there is a good reason why the cars are sold at auctions where it can be sold at much less price than its market price. So, preparing for some repair job can help you a lot after your car is bought.

Keep a careful eye

You can’t take an auctioned car to a test drive. Sellers can try to trick you by a touched up, polished, shiny and eye catchy car. But a shiny looking car does not mean a solid car. So, it needs a very careful visual inspection to see the faults or merits in the cars at auction.


Auction – Car price in Bangladesh

Reach the auction earlier

For proper inspection even if it’s only visual, come early to the auction site and give yourself enough time to carefully check the cars out so that you find the right car to bid.

Know the car’s history

It’s very important to know the car’s history. But that can be a difficult thing to achieve. An auctioneer may be able to offer you with a detail report on car’s history. If you have the VIN which is the identification number of the car, you can check its history by using that too.


Auction – Car price in Bangladesh

Don’t get carried away with the bidding excitement

It’s very easy to get caught up in the excitement of the bidding and you may end up spending hundreds or even thousands more than the car actually worth. We all know about BMW car price in Bangladesh – Don’t put all hopes for just one car. Don’t get carried away and be ready to walk away from an auction so that you won’t end up with a clunker and heavy regret.

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