About Credibility

have a strong base in Japan since started our business and we have Office in Bangladesh as well which is in the city of Dhaka. We directly collect the vehicles from the various auctions in Japan and arrange the shipment procedure to hand over your dream car in your hand as it is without any change.

We know only too well what a minefield it can be buying a used car here in Bangladesh! But we all are known about Services of Japan and about Hiroshi Bangladesh Ltd it’s where vehicles are always sold without any hidden faults, dent and no paperwork issues. Japanese are always very strict and honest about their services. Therefore in Hiroshi Bangladesh Ltd. Japanese, are in services to serve the customers and all of our staffs and buyers are trained in that way and are strictly instructed to follow our business rules. It really is a case of Serving with Honesty!

So it is obvious that all our automobiles are to deliver our customers as it is shown for the auction. No dented cars will be provided and we will give a certificate to prove it. It is also relaxing in the knowledge that all our cars are mechanically sound, and will be provided with a current in addition to receiving a service before being offered for sale in our showroom. No After sales service will be provided from our end as we provide the cars with its real conditions.

To keep our customers more relax towards Hiroshi Bangladesh Ltd, we would like to let you know that we import a wide range of cars though; all our Automobile’s parts are available in Bangladesh for future needs.

About the price- Hiroshi Bangladesh Ltd. let the buyers grab their cars in a very competitive price than usual. We give bank loan facilities for buying cars for our customers from our end. We also let our customers select their Luxury desire directly from auction. All of our automobiles are of 4.5 Ratings. We don’t let our clients face any hassles of buying from us till get the delivery to their door steps.